Gold 6 Layer Water Tank

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6 Layer Water tank

The 6 Layer Water Tank, a marvel of modern water storage. Embrace both aesthetics and utility with its striking gold color, perfectly blending into your surroundings.

Six specific layers make this tank durable and long-lasting. UV protection is embedded within its layers, safeguarding your water from external elements. This high quality water tank is not just a container; it's a reliable companion for water storage needs, adding both functionality and visual appeal to space.

This water tank is more than a utility; it's a statement of quality and excellence. Whether for homes, businesses, or agricultural needs, this tank is designed to meet your demands with reliability and style. Experience water storage at its finest with the 6 Layer Gold Water Storage Tank from Ganesh Gouri Industries.

  • Available Sizes : 500 ltr to 2000 ltr.
  • Available Colours : Gold
  • Outer Layer 1 : UV Protected Outer Layer
  • Middle Layer 2 : Black Layer
  • Inner Layer 3 : High Titanium Loaded Layer
  • Inner Layer 4 : Black Layer
  • Inner Layer 5 : Middle Coloured Layer
  • Inner Layer 6 : Food Grade Inner Layer
  • Safe for drinking water.
  • 100% virgin plastic material Is used.
  • Keeps water at normal temperature.
  • No algae (kai) will produce in our tank.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Can be used for home purpose.
  • Can also be used in hospitals, industries and in farms resorts for storage of water.
  • Not recommended for chemicals.
  • Concrete, flat and smooth surface. No steel base should be used otherwise tank will be cracked.
  • Always ensure that overflow water is plumbed away from the tank. This will reduce site erosion and ensure a sturdy support for the base of your tank. Regularly check the overflow screen and clean when necessary
  • Floor strong enough to with stand full tank of water.
  • Floor diameter 10% bigger than the tank.
  • Do not over tighten the nipple/tank connector.
  • Avoid any contact with sharp objects
  • Do not place tank near any heat generating source.
  • Do not drill extra holes in tank.

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