Column Pipes

About Product

Aqua plast lead-free column pipes are specifically designed for water extraction through borewells. Column pipes are best for submersible pumps and have high tensile load capacity which makes them perfect for underground operations. Aqua plast offers column pipes in Coupler and Bell End variants in standard lengths of 3 meters. These pipes are available in sizes between 25 and 50 mm diameter with a full range of pressure ratings in V4, Medium, Standard, Heavy, and Super Heavy type as per requirements based on installation depth from 100 to 400 meters. These pipes offer many advantages like leak-proof joints, light in weight with cost-effectiveness. Column pipes are the hollow tubes that convey the underground stream water through submersible pumps to the surface. These pipes are applied in submersible pumps and jet pumping systems for domestic and commercial operations.

  • Available Sizes : 1"(25 mm) to 2"(50 mm)
  • Class : Eco-v4, medium, standard & heavy
  • Type : bell end & socket
  • Brand : AQUA PLAST
  • Available Colours : White
  • Column Pipes do not react with acidic & alkalis water
  • Aqua plast column pipes are rigid with high impact resistance
  • Square Threads: Square threads are designed for holding high loads; these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50 years of use. As these pipes are connected to the submersible pump they are under constant pressure. To avoid slippage, these pipes have square threads which provide excellent grip which is necessary for keeping the pipes together.
  • Leak Proof: Special rubber seal is provided with thread to ensure 100% leak-proof joint at high pressure
  • Smooth inner surface: The inner surface of column pipe is smooth which ensures water flow is without any interruptions and avoids the possibility of clogging inside the system.
  • Easy to install: Column pipes are lightweight and with the help of square threads, they are easy to install.
  • Inert to chemicals: Earth is prone to contain various chemicals which can be corrosive in nature. As these pipes are made of Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride material, they do not react with any chemical if it comes in contact.
  • Long Life: With all the above advantages, Column pipes provide a longer operational life and thus minimize maintenance costs.
  • Aqua plast Column pipes are used with the submersible pumping systems. At construction sites and building structures, these pipes are utilized to pump the excess water from the underground spaces and flooded foundations at construction sites.
  • Column pipes are applied in the agriculture industries to draw groundwater in order to irrigate the farming lands. The pipes are also used to convey potable water for domestic use.
  • Column pipes are suitable for conveying abrasive fluids. These pipes are composed of material that can endure acidic as well as alkaline fluids. Column pipes can also withstand the friction caused by the water with sand grains and similar suspended particles.
  • Column pipes are used in borewell and submersible pumps as well as utilized for industrial applications. These pipes possess a long service life and perform extremely well under stressful working conditions.